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I am available for conversations about the problem of being human — and with people undergoing an existential, moral and/or spiritual crisis - as well as terminally ill people, and/or those who don’t want to live any more.

I am interested in the possibilities afforded by alternative practices of being a (post)human and some of these practices may have a therapeutic effect.

These dialogues or conversations can be with individuals, couples, families, groups, communities or organisations - and they can take place in private or in public. They can also take the form of a workshop or a public performance (of sorts).

For Richard Rorty (may I call him a post-philosopher?), it was not language or culture - or, for that matter, philosophy - but conversation that is humanity’s driving force. The point is to have the conversation, and to be having the conversation.

You can download or listen to a talk I gave in Liverpool (UK) in 2017 (when I was very tired) here and a performance (of sorts) I did at Unsound Kraków in Poland in 2016 here. You can also download or listen to recordings of individual conversations that took place in Liverpool here. (Recorded and uploaded with permission.)

I also sometimes do residences at festivals or other events, or informally: I come to your town and give a talk, you organise for people to come and listen and engage in dialogue. Over the following days I also work with some of these people individually.

What is undertaken in the conversation (with another, with oneself, with the very pursuit of conversation) is the ever-renewed relationship of speech to the infinity of meaning that shapes its truth. Maurice Blanchot by Jean-Luc Nancy

In my book there are stories about my work with people who are dying but I have also done a lot of work with people who don’t want to live any more - and their families and loved ones. I am an advocate for end of life choices. I believe that those who want to die should not be forced to use a painful and traumatic method to end their lives.

I am currently based in The Netherlands but I’ll work with people anywhere in the world if my travel and accommodation expenses are reimbursed. Please read this page if you’re thinking of inviting me.

Although it is not my preferred way of working, there is also the possibility for conversations via Skype/FaceTime. This is mostly for people I have already worked with face to face at least once.

To make an appointment for a conversation, get in touch

Anyone who likes my book or thinks the work I do is worthwhile is invited to make a donation but my work is strictly not-for-profit. You or your organisation cover travel expenses and costs of accommodation if required, but I charge no fees and there is no obligation. Of course any donations are greatly appreciated and acknowledged since it seems one does incur costs by living. Thank you! You know who you are…

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