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We work in the dark — we do what we can — we give what we have. Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our task.
-Henry James (The Middle Years)

I wrote a book called I Am Here which was published by Scribe in the UK and Australia in 2016. Work on what is intended to be a second book is progressing slowly.

In 2016 I was commissioned by the Australian literary journal Tincture to write a piece for each of their four 2017 issues about moving from one hemisphere (read universe’) to the other and back again forty years later. The series is called Moederland and links to each of the four parts are here.

I’ve written for the Observer Magazine/Guardian Online (as well as mumsnet) and a short story (The American Dream - under a pseudonym, i.j.oog) was published in Black Inc’s Best Australian Stories 2012 edited by Frank Moorhouse. I occasionally publish writing on Medium and I also write and edit, a fledgling online writing/publishing space on Medium for exploring (the idea of) postfiction in which anyone can participate.

Before reinventing myself I was an academic and an artist. As such I occasionally reviewed exhibitions, wrote catalogue essays and published and presented academic papers. With Anna Poletti, I co-edited an issue of M/C on the theme of doubt.

For over 20 years, on and off, I had a blog, ephemera which began on Diaryland in 1995 before moving to Blogspot, then to Blogger and since then it’s lived on… let’s see… posterous, livejournal, various iterations of Wordpress, tumblr as well as my own server spaces, until it went on extended leave a few years ago. Today I blog using blot on and ephemera is the name of a public OneNote notebook where I archive some of the things I find on the web that other people might be interested in too. If you’re really interested, my instapaper favourites are here and my public pinboard bookmarks are here.

I have mixed feelings about social media (who doesn’t?) but I do sometimes tweet as @johklab and/or @posthumanet. I am winding down my personal Facebook page but I have a public page on Facebook as well as a Talking about death and dying page, where I post things from time to time.

At the Pompidou, 2011.

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