why would a posthumanist eat?

wagga wagga 17-8-18

johannes: why would a posthumanist eat?’ 😶
bianca: Because if you don’t then you die

i am not sure if a posthuman/ist would eat for that reason - it is too abstract to connect the act of putting food in one’s mouth with not dying — and in any case i don’t think that one’s death, in a posthumanist context, is necessarily something that ought to be avoided at all costs.

i think you eat because you are hungry or because it is etenstijd’ (= dinner time) or because it’s pleasurable or because you are depressed and it is comforting or any number of other reasons…

the battle of getting children to eat not just pizza…
how to explain to a dog that this crumpet with strawberry jam is not for them?

sometimes my grandmother would ask me or my grandfather to eat something because het moet op’ (= it has to be gone).

people don’t just want to have something to eat : they want to have an eating experience’.

one idea that emerges from a posthuman/ist reevaluation of ethics, of what matters — and here it connects intimately with ideas about a new materialism where matter matters — is that everything matters equally, every thing that exists has the right to exist and to continue to exist in the way that it manifests then how is it possible to justify putting something into one’s mouth, chewing it, swallowing it, digesting it, allowing one’s body to extract the nutrients from it.

are humans just like vampires or parasites?

is it necessary to be a humanist in order to eat?