I work with people who are interested in thinking about the problem of life (and death) individually and in groups.

The work is informed by my experience and training as a non-religious pastoral carer and as a narrative therapist, and by my formal and informal research into what it means to be a human being.

Working with me means engaging in a conversation or a series of conversations of between one and a half and two hours.

There is no fee or profit motive nor any other hidden agenda. This is not how I make my living, this is my life. If anyone wants to support my work financially that is possible by making a donation.


After giving up art and teaching in 2011, I went to work with people who are dying, and with people who want to die. I wrote a book about it, I Am Here: Stories from a Cancer Ward.

What became obvious from working with people in a cancer hospital is the obverse of that unescapable fact : I am alive! We are all alive! And we have energy and ideas. Let’s do something! But is art the best avenue for that, the best place to expend that energy? I am no longer convinced, as I once was, that it is - and that it is the only place left. Because art too has been chewed up and masticated over and over again and spat out and the vultures are continually pouring over its excrement. Is it possible to do anything interesting in an art context in 2017? Well I think perhaps it is not entirely impossible but for the most part any good work that is possibly being done will go unnoticed because 99.99999% of the available bandwidth is taken up with noise.

So. We are alive! We have energy! We have time! We want to do something. What shall we do? The point that very quickly follows on from that is : we are limited. What is possible is limited. If I am an African farmworker what I am able to do is very limited. If I live in a country where random acts of mass violence are killing many people, what I can do, what I want to do, is very limited. I’ll want to do something that makes me feel safe. If I am a parent with several children in a difficult relationship with an exhausting job which I have to keep doing in order to make ends meet, what is possible is limited. And what I could do now is to create a catalogue of how all the different contexts in which people with energy and ideas find themselves, limit them. This is a political question. It is about how wealth is distributed in the world. It is about power. It is about how power is abused. It is about corruption. It is about injustice.

The world is broken. How do we fix it? This is an urgent question, isn’t it? We are broken, humanity is broken. It’s just as urgent that we fix that too. Right?